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Classes and Instruction

Do you want to learn how to get the most out of your DSLR? Do great pictures elude you outside of the "preset" modes? Join me for Digital Photography 101 to learn the basics and get a solid start toward taking great pictures!

Digital Photography 101

In this 4-hour course, you will learn about your camera, how to properly expose an image using manual settings and different modes on your camera, and how each setting affects the image that you capture. We will also discuss basics of focusing, lenses, care of your camera, and touch on the various options available for post-processing of images. Of course, it's not all technical--photography is still an art, so we will discuss the artistic side of what makes an image great!

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No classes are currently scheduled--see below for details on scheduling a private class.  

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Can't make the scheduled classes? Contact me about scheduling your own private Digital Photography 101 class!  Must have minimum of 2 people for a private class. Cost: $250/person for custom-scheduled class.

So Digital Photography 101 doesn't meet your needs?
 How about individual in-field instruction?

Personalized Photo Excursions

Book a half-day or full-day excursion  to receive personalized instruction in the field. This is a great option for hands-on learners. Put all of that theory to use, learn how to compose the best images, and come away with pictures you can be proud of! We will also head back indoors at the end to get a quick look at post processing, and can even walk through processing at least one of your images. When you book in-field instruction, I will contact you to get a feel for your goals and learning needs and I will tailor the instruction to fit YOU!

Half-day: $300 (roughly 4 hours of instruction); must be location accessible within 1 hr of Denver metro area.
Full day: $500 (roughly 6-8 hours of instruction, depending on chosen location and travel time)

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