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Welcome to our online Christmas letter!  

We bought cards and everything this year, but alas, they are still in the box!  This just seems to be a great way to share our year with you all!  We hope that this letter finds your families well.

Our year has flown by, as most of them seem to do these days.  It has been busy but blessed.  We have worked and played and grown all year, and here are a few of the highlights from along the way.  If you click on any of the pictures, it will take you to the gallery where you can read through our 2014 year in review!  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Josh, Laura and Lily Harwood


  • Winter Waves

    Snow sculpted by the wind near the 10th Mountain Hut, Leadville, CO.

  • 10th Mountain Hut

    In January we did another hut trip to the 10th Mountain Hut near Leadville with a group of our friends. As in the past, it was a great time! Many laughs, and much time spent soaking up the beauty of the mountains in the wintertime!

  • Here is our entire group from the hut trip!

  • Hut trip selfie...harder to do with a big camera than with a cell phone!

  • Crested Butte Aspens and Dark Colorado Sky

    Josh and I took a trip to Crested Butte for a quick weekend away in February. We enjoyed our stay at the Purple Mountain Inn B&B and some fun exploring the woods on snowshoes.

  • Tattooesday

    Lindsay and I had been on a waiting list for nearly a year when we got to start our tattoos in January. We came up with the designs together and went to the same artist in Ft. Collins to get our similar yet unique tattoos done.

  • Skiing Loveland

    Lily had fun skiing this year, and did lessons at the same ski area where my dad learned to ski. We have to watch out for her still because she loves to go, but isn't so good at the stopping and turning just yet...

  • A Little Lily Snapshot

    Lily is 6 years old now and absolutely full of personality. She loves to put on a show and entertain pretty much anyone who will watch, and has a big heart for the people around her.

  • Lily at the E-Tow Hut

    Another picture from a ski day at Loveland in April when we hung out at the E-Tow hut with some friends and ski throughout the day.

  • Couples Retreat

    We had a chilly but fun couples retreat camping trip near Buena Vista in May this year. Memorial Day is the start of the official camping season, and you just never know what weather you are going to get!

  • King Air at Centennial

    Work still keeps me busy but every once in a while I get to stop and appreciate the beauty of where I get to work and live!

  • Family Camping 4th of July

    We got to have a fun camping trip to a cabin that some friends own near Deckers over the 4th of July this year. We did a few little hikes and this one to the overlook of a rock formation called The Noddles was a fun adventure for everyone who joined us.

  • Mommy and Lily

    We had fun adventures during our trip to Durango to visit Grams and Bumpa in July. I worked some shifts out of Durango and Josh worked on a project he had going. We managed to have a few adventures up La Plata canyon while we were there and Josh and I rode the 4-wheeler to the top of Kennebec Pass to catch the sunrise (and some great pictures) one of the days.

  • Working for the Nectar

    A hummingbird moth works for his meal in La Plata Canyon

  • Puddle Jumping!

    There were some pretty solid rain storms on our adventures in La Plata Canyon, but that didn't dampen the spirits of our wanderings!

  • Wild West Relay

    We joined up with some friends on a 24-hour 12-person running relay this summer that went from Ft. Collins to Steamboat. It was quite the adventure and we had a blast making new friends along the way!

  • Broncos Fan!

    We love getting together with our friends on the weekends to watch the Broncos games whenever we can. This is Lily's "best 'go broncos' face".

  • Lifeguard 1 at Night

    Occasionally I take my camera with me to work, and I usually end up pretty happy with the results. This is Lifeguard 1 on a gorgeous full-moon night this fall.

  • Summit County Sunset

    This was a flight that we did right at sunset to the Eagle airport. Some days the view from the office is pretty amazing!

  • Fall Family Picnic

    We had fun exploring some local backroads and checking out the fall colors this year. We even saw some fresh moose tracks on this trip!

  • Little Photographer

    Lily has fun taking mommy's old camera and getting some pictures from her perspective sometimes.

  • Laura's October Fall Color "Walkabout"

    I was able to take a few days and do a little tour de Colorado the first week of October this year. I got a ton of great fall color pictures and really enjoyed camping with friends and family too. My friend Erikka took to calling it my "walkabout" which was quite fitting really since I wandered around for most of 5 days!

  • Aspen Gulley

    Golden and red aspens leave a narrow void over a small gulley as it twists up the mountain into the thick fog. Taken on Owl Creek Pass October, 2014.

  • Florida

    For Thanksgiving, we went to visit Josh's sister Sarah and her husband David and daughter Vivian in St. Petersburg, FL. We had lots of fun and stayed busy going to Bush Gardens, Sea World, the beach, and to visit our friends Bill and Sherri in Kissimmee.

  • Christmas Sledding

    In Durango for Christmas, we took off with the cousins and enjoyed some fun sledding at Buckley Park. No major injuries occurred and we had a blast enjoying the fresh snow!

  • One, Two, Threeeeee!

    Lily has tons of fun hanging out with aunt Lindsay, and I'm pretty sure it's mutual!

Feel free to check out the rest of my photography site while you are here!  I have been doing a lot more photography-ing this past year and have started selling a few pictures on the side through this website and at a shop in Conifer.  It has been fun and I have learned a lot!

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